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Inspired by Pollock and others, Hickey’s own work dances the line between representation and abstraction. Her diverse work covers her walls and has been displayed in galleries, magazines, movies, and art fairs for decades.


Persian Carpets

 “Carpets, fabric, ceramics and weaving seemed much more accessible than trying to do a heroic abstract expressionist painting. So I started painting carpets, Persian Carpets, and used them as borders on some of the early folk art paintings that I did that were about myself.”



 “The association with the rose– the beauty, the sense of openness, possibly female sexuality but also historical meaning, the Virgin Mary– if it becomes too abstract, you still have that power,” Hickey continued. “What’s that line? A lot of my work and a lot of the work I’ve done with flowers, with roses primarily, is exploring that boundary between, say, language and your senses, your intuition. I go back and forth.”



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“I would use a holy card and make it me,” she explained. “I’ll make it my family. Those images that I was brought up with, they are so beautiful. They’re realistic, and they also contain symbols of crosses, flowers, crowns, and crowns of thorns. All these things, I’ve been so happy to be able to use them in my art– these things from my childhood that were so important to me.”  

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